3 ways to survive in Cairo.

Tahrir Square protests– Crowd, traffic, about 14 million car are beeping their horns at once, of course you can imagine one of the most crowded cities all over the world – Cairo.

The first few moments for you out of the airport and after getting your ride, you’ll be a little bit shocked with the mind twist-civilization that you’ll find in Cairo, and here are best 3 tips that will help you get survive in Cairo:

1-You have to be a traffic-jumper.

 The traffic in Cairo is simply dreadful.

The traffic in Cairo is simply dreadful.

The traffic in Cairo is simply dreadful as everyday you spend there, you’ll be amazed how people deals with the traffic as crossing street is a daily challenge for them.

Signs, traffic lights, hundreds of officers and still the same problem of traffic exist, you will find walkers between moving cars, passengers jump in and out moving buses is simply not a big deal for them, many drivers not even gave a blink to the traffic lights.

So what do you think about having this daily challenge ? To keep safe in this kind of traffic you have to be a traffic jumper to avoid any risky incidents.”You have to be talented”, says Eirikur Raguarsson, a tourist from Iceland, when asked about his experience of crossing Cairo’s streets. just follow the local steps and you will be fine, not only tourists are doing these steps but Egyptians from outside Cairo do as well.

2-Your local currency against Egyptian pound.

Egyptian pound

Don’t compare your local currency against Egyptian pound specially if it is an US dollars or EUR. It is easy to say ” OK, it’s cheap and I can afford it for sure, after all how it will cost back home ?!” But it is a trap and you are getting scammed by the seller.

So in this case I recommend you to let your tour guide get you a good deal and that is the easy way or you can keep negotiating with the seller to get you a best and reasonable price for his goods.

 3- find Humor in it.Home_Home_Egypt-Tour-Packages--_163_IMG

Best way to have a pleasant stay in Cairo is to find humor in it as it is so easy to get because you will find yourself surrounded with friendly and humor people who will diffidently will help you as possible as they can.

Taxi drivers, sales persons, local citizen anyone you will be in touch with, will give you this beautiful smile even if they did not understand what you say but they will try to figure it out and assist you.

Cairo versus Vienna

Despite all the apparent risks and even though she narrowly escaped a horrible accident, Barbara Daber, an Austrian employee, prefers Cairo to Vienna. She admits that Egypt’s streets are noisy and crowded. Yet, she believes that the Egyptians are nicer and more friendly even on the streets, and she has found her peace in Cairo since she arrived 20 years ago.


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